Water damage can happen at any time of the day. This type of event is not exclusive to any time of day or even any time of year, it can strike whenever. It can result from different events and take various forms around your property, being in plain sight or hidden. From a leaky pipe to flood damage caused by storms, water damage can happen and does happen to hundreds of thousands of properties every year. 


United Water Restoration Group of Downriver technicians will carefully comb through your property to ensure all damages are noted and properly addressed. One of the first steps in our water damage restoration process is an in-depth assessment and plan of action. This plan showcases how we plan on returning your property back to a state of normalcy. Our technicians can assist you through every step of our water damage restoration process in Romulus, Michigan. 

A fire only needs a few seconds to cause severe damage to a home or business. Even in less severe events, smoke damage can cause lingering smells as well as further deterioration of affected materials. Smoke damage can seep through porous materials and embed itself there. This can cause continuous damage as well as foul odors that potentially make affected areas uninhabitable. 


Our technicians in Romulus, Michigan are skilled, certified, and highly trained in handling our fire damage restoration process. We can help remove all noticeable signs of damage, returning your property back to its pre-loss conditions. We can make it as if the event never happened! We can assist you through every step of our fire damage restoration services in Romulus, Michigan.

Mold spores are microscopic and can be found in virtually every room. While harmless in this state, they can get into your property and eventually cause problems at elevated levels. From the clothes off your back to a breeze coming in, these spores are more than capable of finding their way into your property. 

Our technicians in Romulus, Michigan can handle even the most extensive mold outbreak at your property. We don’t just remove mold colonies, either. We remove, clean, sanitize, and provide antimicrobial treatments that prevent future outbreaks at your property. Mold should be addressed as soon as possible, if left alone, it can quickly affect multiple rooms and cause potential health problems. 


Our office in Romulus, Michigan also provides cleaning and disinfecting services. These services can be used by both commercial and residential properties. These cleaning services seek to add a layer of protection against allergens, irritants, and potentially harmful pathogens. 

Our technicians in Romulus, Michigan can provide these services before or after social gatherings or a day of busy traffic at your business. These services seek to add a much-needed layer of protection for those who depend on your property. Whether that be family, friends, or employees.